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Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, touting the largest  selection in İstanbul.

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İndemendent Vip Escorts of İstanbul Escorts showcases a unique blend of attractive women of varying ethnicities. Compelling personalities and luscious bodies found here tempt, tease and satisfy. Clients appreciate selecting from our stunning independent blondes, brunettes, and redheads who hail from all over the world. Our Russian, Czech, Latvian, Polish, Slavonian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Europian, İtalian, Asian, African American and Indian hotties are just a sample of the diversity celebrated at İndemendent Vip Escorts. When seeking the leading source for escorts, İstanbul residents, and visitors need not look further than the elite escort agency services we offer.

Clients appreciate the highest level of discretion by our professional staff. To reach us with any request, large or small, use our contact form or call us. Those unfamiliar with hiring call girls find common questions answered on our about FAQ page. Outcall entertainment veterans know we have them covered with the broad array of captivating ladies available for new dates out on the town and intimate moments shared in the privacy of one’s home or hotel room. Imagine luxuriating in the beauty and vitality of a playmate focusing her energy on you for as long as you’d like. Rewarding yourself in this manner results in a marvelous indulgence but don’t take our word for it, see it with your own eyes.

Five Star Treatment with Every Call

Fear of the unknown and privacy concerns remain the top reasons why men opt not to give way to a visit from an in-room entertainer. Circumspection must be a primary requirement, of course, and not all agencies are designed to pledge discreet encounters. This has never been the case with us, as our esteemed clientele expect nothing short of bliss. We respect a man’s right to privacy as much as we regard his right to delightful discovery with a scintillating knockout. Displaying discretion on all ends of the equation resulted in us being the leader in referring performers to discerning gentlemen from all over the world.

İstanbul Escort From the moment you call, your privacy is respected, and your requests are obliged whenever possible. You are here for a short time, and we expect you will call us again the next time you are in town. To make that happen, we tailor a tryst according to your wants and make sure that once you place the call, you are not the least bit disenchanted by your choice. Confidential inquiries can be made by calling or using our contact form. Once you have selected an entertainer or asked us to make a recommendation, scheduling is secure; the billing process is discreet, and your personal information continues to remain private and anonymous at all times.

Once your assignation is underway, trust in the fact that the woman knocking on your door will arrive in tasteful street attire with much more for you to explore under the clothes. For a seamless connection, sophistication should be demanded, and our ladies are unmatched in their degree of refinement. That is until you are alone! Once you are tucked away in your room, she unleashes her inner vixen and ushers even the shiest of guys on a world-class journey designed to tap into masculinity. Embrace your male instincts, as you are only here for a short time. Life is too fleeting to deny yourself.

Bombshells Referred by İndemendent Escorts

İstanbul Escorts Quality, selection, and customer satisfaction are top priorities of İndemendent Vip Escorts of İstanbul Escorts. In addition to presenting the most delightful collection of escorts İstanbul has to offer, we also provide for individual tastes. We receive requests for BBW, BDSM, TS/TV and Escorts that provide a girlfriend experience (GFE). We have men covered for all these preferences and more, including luscious, large breasts and small, perky feminine curves. Details shared about preferences and desires ensure clients enjoy a memorable shared experience with their İstanbul escort of choice. Do not be reserved when describing which traits excite you. This foray into top-tier companionship is all about you; we are simply here to make it happen. The more you tell us about what you are looking for, the better equipped we are to blueprint a world-class engagement.

We take pride in the fact that our screening process is the most meticulous in the business. On average, only 1 in 10 individuals who apply to work with İndemendent Vip Escorts makes the cut, and our vetting process does not hinge on looks alone! Yes, women we profile are the sexiest in the city, and are blessed with commendable outward beauty, but there is more to being the sort of escort İstanbul visitors with cultivated tastes seek. We know you want someone also in possession of inner beauty. Among our VIP talents, you will find college students, young professionals and even mature mavens with enhanced worldliness.

While we are always on the lookout for the quintessential İstanbul Barbies, we know looks are not the only attribute which renders a woman worthy of your time and attention. She must be creative, passionate and expressive to hold your attention. Take a look at the profiles to learn more about those who pique your interest. We respect how varied our clients’ tastes are, so you will find women with impressive backgrounds and a surplus of sexy concepts to make your date top-tier. İndemendent Vip Escorts reached the upper echelon of adult entertainment in the entertainment capital of the world by catering to patrons of all persuasions. We've listed a few of our most favorited & featured İstanbul Escorts by our treasured clients for your viewing;

What Sets Our Companions Apart

Our established history in the industry means we have already heard a surplus of unique requests, and we are here to help you act on impulses you have only fantasized about in the past. Providing the total package defines our successful business model, and we take pride in being the top İstanbul escort service. We work alongside men from all walks of life because everyone is a VIP when he bucks convention and treats himself to something extraordinary.

No matter if your budget dictates just an hour with a woman of distinction or an overnight with a pair of sexy playmates, we approach your request the same. Perfection is the goal with every meeting we facilitate. Allow us to be your link to an exquisite diversion, and you will learn what countless men have come to rely on when counting on us for their unforgettable İstanbul experience. How you allocate your time here is up to you, and with guidance from us, your vacation will be exceptional.

Are we the cheapest escort service in İstanbul? No, we are not, but we are the most affordable. Before you book time with a dancer, understand that teaser pricing advertised on the Strip is just that - teaser pricing. The actual cost is not reflected in the handbills passed out throughout the city. That fee is a fictional representation of the true costs and normally does not even get a girl to your door. Low advertised costs are telling of a subpar classification of entertainers. This is because women working with agencies who deal with false advertising are not taking the most professional route to establishing their career.

Quality, upstanding girls want to be part of an upscale service the same way you want to work with a first-class entity. Providing introductions to sensual women is what we offer. Once you trust us to pioneer your awe-inspiring break from the ordinary, you experience an all-encompassing expedition into gratifying physicality. From the moment your selection starts to peel off her layers, expect to acknowledge the great choice you have made. We settle for only the best so that we can pass this tradition of excellence onto you when you meet a fine young miss we recommend.

Specialized Fantasy Fulfillment

Kinks come in all capacities, and we have someone on hand to cater to all distinct persuasions. Yes, a majority of our clientele requests companions who are all woman, but a significant segment of our callers seeks to veer from conventionality and require someone who is delightfully taboo. We are here to provide such a diversion with our transgender, transsexual and shemale playmates. When one of these winsome women is on the scene, anticipation flourishes as layers of clothing hit the floor, and the special something extra under the clothes is revealed.

Dominatrix escorts in İstanbul are another common request, as there are many men who live everyday lives as shot-callers and seek to be put in their place by a fiery, leather-clad Dominatrix who demands compliance and encourages their dates to assume a submissive role. Those seeking BDSM in İstanbul have relished creating dynamic scenes with our talented Dommes. This parallels the huge demand for role-playing. Maybe it is not a domineering doll you crave, but more rathe an acquiescent young flower who is more biddable than the average babe? Men who seek such a persona often look to Russian Escort Girls and Asian escorts in İstanbul to fill such a role, but there are other women here who fit this bill as well.

Girl-next-door types prove to be interesting choices for those looking for role-playing adventures. Does a doting nurse wiggling out of her uniform make your pulse race? Or maybe a college coed professing her love to you, the professor, conjures up the most fantastic naughty images? Playful scenarios are our bombshells’ specialties, and you can feel this and more with a call to us to connect you to an open-minded sweetheart with an abundance of creativity and little inhibition.

Select twosomes in quest of the ultimate İstanbul vacation for couples decide to invite an entertainer to their room for an unparalleled trek into exploring their sexuality in a new way. Our İstanbul escorts for couples shine in this realm. When adding a third person to share in intimate moments is unfamiliar territory, an experienced companion puts everyone at ease and follows a relaxed pace appreciated by all. If this is of interest to you, let us know how we can be part of your romantic agenda.

Independent Escorts

Yes, there are a scattering of outstanding independent escorts in İstanbul. These ladies are elusive, and their fees are indicative of their exclusiveness. The trouble with finding one of these rarities is that you may have to go through a series of flaky people to find someone who is available and able to bestow the sort of service you seek. Because they do not answer to an escort agency, you have but one channel in verifying they deliver on assurances. Most men find themselves disappointed by exchanging a succession of messages with girls working on their own, only to be let down in the end.

Especially when on vacation, you do not have the time to screen people advertising online. Let us take care of this for you. No matter if you are seeking a girl in her teens, teeming with exuberance, or a mature cougar equipped to make you stand at attention from the moment she arrives, we are here to do the legwork for you. You ask, we deliver. It is that simple because we are great at what we do and have perfected the process to make your trip to our city one to remember.

No matter what route you take, we plead with you to place yourself only in secure situations. Under no circumstance should you consider a streetwalker or a woman who approaches you for an intimate connection that involves a cash exchange. First of all, solicitation is illegal, and most of these women target tourists and attempt to pilfer money without providing anything in return. These situations are not safe, and can result in a loss of cash, but could be much worse regarding personal well-being. The risk involved is too great, and the last thing you want is to be a victim of a crime or face legal repercussions stemming from a misguided choice. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at all of the girls advertising with İndemendent Vip Escorts of İstanbul Escorts.

Repeat Business Speaks to Our Degree of Merit

Our goal is to have clients come back for seconds and more. Our dedicated level of service makes that happen. There are a few options when selecting affordable companionship. We present the premier option and offer a word of caution about using sub-standard services such as Unfortunately, Backpage İstanbul is a source for many girls working against their will, being directed by abusive pimps. This scenario does not come close to matching the upscale adult entertainment you demand. Why put yourself at unnecessary risk?

Utilizing the services of an unlicensed outcall entertainer is not a safe and secure option. What recourse do you have if someone running a scam fleeces you? Every year, men fall prey to female escort scams because once the woman and the money are gone, there is no way to recoup. We are here to take the element of chance out of your encounter and give you the high-class treatment you deserve. İndemendent Vip Escorts proudly furnishes a selection of incredible licensed outcall entertainers who genuinely enjoy their work. This means the stunner you select has what is required to make you feel accommodated in every way. There is no rushing when you put faith in any of our divine young women.

Have you tried your hand at chatting up İstanbul singles? If so, you have probably found that residents are not all that eager to make a connection with someone who is in town for a short stay, no matter how charming they find him. Striking out with local singles is common for travelers because these women live and work here and are not looking to hook up with a tourist for a brief tryst that is going nowhere. Sure, they will let you open your heart and your bar tab, but the odds of having one such woman escape with you to your room are slim. Why spend all night wooing a woman who will ultimately say good night without granting you the opportunity to actually revel in her feminine charms?

İstanbul Strip Clubs

Traditional strip clubs in İstanbul are not at a loss for beautiful women, and countless visitors pay the premiums to see them in action. Of course, some put on a better show than others, meaning no single visit to a nudie bar is certain to yield a positive occasion. A waste of money may be the reality when lap dances are rushed, and the girls on hand act interested in nothing more than making it through their too-long shift. When you call us to request a private stripper in your room, there are no limits on the fun to be had, and because you have hand-selected one of our urbane wonders, you will not be disappointed by her look or her demeanor.

Have you ever been to a strip club and gotten the impression that the girl you gave money to is at the end of her shift because she is just lacking in panache? Or maybe she is just not that great at her job, which happens due to high turnover at even the most famous strip clubs in İstanbul. The environment of a club setting fails to foster the sort of personalized attention one receives when he reserves time with a woman who focuses all of her attention on the only man in the room. No cover charges, pricey drinks or lackluster attitudes mar the escape when you rely on your private entertainer to bring about something remarkable in your private space.

İstanbul Bachelor Party Planning

Are you tying the knot or organizing a send-off for a friend who is about to make the biggest commitment of his life? Allow İndemendent Vip Escorts of İstanbul Escorts to be your partner in planning. Bachelor parties İstanbul style incorporate nudity, of course! But what if not everyone in the group wants to drop dollars at in the İstanbul strip clubs? When you hire private strippers in İstanbul, you see to it everyone in the group is at ease and as involved as they want to be. They can exit the suite or just observe quietly in the background while enjoying the show, with no pressure to toss dollars at a dancer for a lap dance.

Our performers are aces at reading the room and ensuring every guest is comfortable. No hassle, just a very good time had by all. We accommodate themes according to personal tastes. If the groom is a sports fan, imagine his surprise when a duo of jersey-clad hotties knocks on the door of the suite. From bookish babes, to southern belles and exotic beauties, we have women outfitted to enhance the tone of any party. Topless bartenders in İstanbul do not come any sexier than our ladies, and having one or more present at your soirée produces an unforgettable evening, ideal for even the most astute groom.

Should you seek to have us connect you with high-class, upscale, İstanbul Escorts for any gathering, early planning helps ensure all requests are accommodated. However, we do offer same-day service, and we extend ourselves to make your vision come to life. We can assist you with any type of event that would be made better by live, engaging erotic entertainment, including a bachelor party, divorce parties and guys’ weekends.

From a randy party of one to a big group of revelers, we have the perfect fit for your intentions, in the form of an outgoing gal, eager to please. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That is because having a sizzling sidekick drop in on you is a straightforward process when you work with a trusted entity such as İndemendent Vip Escorts of İstanbul Escorts. Sharing time with a woman who is all yours is uncomplicated and much more fun than trolling İstanbul bars looking for a date. Give us a call for an incredible memory in the making.