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Besides Tantric Massage - We Have Many Other Types Of Erotic Massages Listed To Suit Your Mood. Including: Body To Body, Nuru, Sensual, Tie And Tease Massages And Many More.

Feeling stressed out? Just crossing the road in İstanbul can be enough to give anyone a heart attack, but here at the calm, soothing pixels of Massage Guide İstanbul we have the answer. There is no better way than having a tantric massage in İstanbul with a beautiful erotic masseuse to caress, soothe and stroke away all of those aches and pains and send you grinning up to Cloud Nine and a Half. We have all of the major İstanbul tantric and erotic massage businesses and independent erotic masseuses listed here.

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Massage Guide İstanbul is İstanbul's most trusted massage Parlors for tantric & erotic massage providing masseuses and massage businesses. It is search engine friendly and self editable. We have engineered a user friendly combination of free and paid massage listings in İstanbul. Because of our free listings, we have the ability to list all businesses and parlours in İstanbul and so this listing guide really is the one stop Parlors for all kinds of erotic and tantric massage services.

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Happy Ending Massage

A happy ending massage is basically a more direct way of describing as “sensual” massage. Basically, the logical conclusion of any erotic or sensual massage is the male client climaxing sexually. Now, we don’t know a man on the face of the earth that wouldn’t be happy with the end of that massage, do you? It’s a loosely used term however and has some negative connotations when applied to certain practitioners of sensual massage in İstanbul.

Book Happy ending massage professionals

Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to book a highly professional masseuse, perhaps from an agency that has reviews or has been recommended to you. You may of course find a very good quality happy ending massage from an independent masseuse, but the chances are much higher at an agency. This is because any good agency will be reluctant to represent a masseuse who doesn’t have good feedback, or at least a good level of experience. And should a masseuse receive too much negative feedback, the agency will no longer represent them. So you see, eventually, if an agency cares at all about business and reputation, they will sort the good from the bad for you.
Again, we must stress that there are genuinely talented independent masseuses out there, who prefer not to deal with agencies or share their fee in commission payments. But if you are booking an independent, we recommend you base your decision on a quality review.

The difference between happy ending massage and tantric massage

There isn’t a lot of difference when it’s done by some masseuses, simply because a tantric massage always ends “happy!” But it’s important to ask when you make your booking, if it isn’t made abundantly clear to you. Some sensual massages may just literally be massages in quiet a therapeutic style (muscles etc.) followed by a happy ending, whereas some will be sensual, soft and teasing throughout, even spiritual! It’s always best to ask before you book, to avoid disappointment.

Naked Massages in İstanbul - What is a Naturist Massage

Well, we suppose it depends greatly on the individual of course, but considering that the vast majority of women offering naked massage on this website have fantastic bodies, it makes sense to us. Anyway, why leave anything to the imagination when you are enjoying one of the most sensual experiences of your life?

The anticipation of naked massage

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you book a sensual massage, you just know that you’re going to be getting naked with your masseuse and it’s going to be awesome. The anticipation alone is enough to satisfy some folks mind you, so just calm down before you get there, you want to last for the length of your booking right? In most cases your masseuse will usually greet you dressed very beautifully. She will invite you to a room where you will be required to undress and get on a bed ready for her. She will leave you to do this and then return. She may be naked, or she may take off her clothes in front of you; this all depends on the masseuse of course, but either way it’s an intensely erotic experience!

Naked massage for the single man in İstanbul

For the single man, a naked massage is just the tonic. It can mean the difference between a miserable existence and a happy one. Quite literally. We all need basic human contact in our lives. Intimacy means so much more to a person who doesn’t have a partner, yet it’s not easy to find if you’re not great at relationships or “hook ups”.  You could perhaps have anxiety problems or something else? It makes no difference really, because when you book a naturist massage you are alleviating whatever ails you and you’re getting that human connection. Many men have commented in the past about just how important it is to feel a woman’s body against their own. Having human contact releases endorphins that make you happy, so what are you waiting for?

Naked massage for the attached man

Notice we didn’t say married there? That’s because it doesn’t matter. When you’re dealing with someone who believes in monogamy, it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re married or just “seeing each other”. We’re afraid that a naked massage or called naturist massage is simply not something that would be agreed with. Unless of course you have an incredibly liberated and open-minded partner! A lot of clients who are in a relationship book massage services over İstanbul escorts because they consider this not to be cheating.

An attached person will often seek out a naked massage in İstanbul or so called Body to Body massage when they’re not getting the desired amount of intimacy at home. In much the same way as a single man, it can mean the difference between a happy and a miserable existence. Having sex at home with your partner may be highly enjoyable, but sometimes it isn’t very sensual. Not sensual like a naturist body to body massage, or a Nuru erotic massage. Not everyone has the courage to ask their partner to cover themselves in oil and slide up and down on them naked, so they hire the services of real professionals to do this.

Yoni Massage for Bisexual or Lesbian Girls

Yoni Lesbian Massage Explained

To begin with, it becomes very important to mention that a Yoni lesbian massage, doesn’t necessarily have to be a “lesbian” massage. Yoni massage can be enjoyed by women of all sexualities to be fair. Granted, it’s a very intimate experience that concentrates on sexually pleasuring a woman. So, this obviously lends itself very well to any gay women who would like to indulge.
However, should you be a woman who is just curious about a Yoni massage, there is no stopping you trying it out. It’s a richly invigorating experience that offers truly marvellous results. Many straight women have this type of massage all the time, and the masseuse is not always bisexual. A Yoni lesbian massage is more about the spiritual and emotional connection and ultimate pleasurable and inevitable climax, in much the same way as men enjoy lingam massages.

What is a Yoni lesbian massage?

It’s all part of that “sacred sexuality” thing you hear people talking about all the time. Like regular people don’t have good sex or something! Well, in to be honest with you, it’s true. And having regular Yoni massage can improve your sexual enjoyment considerably and put you in touch with your own body again. There are many women out there who struggle to achieve orgasm in conventional ways, and this is often because they are simply out of touch with what their body enjoys and what it actually possible. Yoni lesbian massage will teach as well as relieve!
In much the same way as with men, the vagina (the Yoni), like the penis (Lingam) plays a very important part of or sexual and personal well-being. We are certain that we don’t have to tell you just how much intense pleasure can be derived from our sexual organs, but having them truly explored to release their maximum potential is something that can only be done with the aid of sensual massage services; in this case a Yoni lesbian massage.

How does it work?

Well, you’re a woman, so we don’t have to tell you how your sexual organs work of course. You know full well what you find pleasurable and what you don’t. But if you allow a specialist Yoni masseuse to show you, you might discover even more. There is actually a more therapeutic side to Yoni massage too.
Women sometimes experience what is called sedimentation in the Yoni area. This is a simple case of plaque build-up that can be alleviated and dissolved by massaging the area. These deposits are caused mostly by lifestyle and stress, but the ageing process can also be held responsible. This is the reason why so many older women find that Yoni lesbian massage really works for them. Getting rid of this sedimentation allows increases blood flow to the vagina, which in turns increases stimulation and sensation in that area.

An intensely emotional experience

Many women use Yoni massage as a form of therapy too, in order to alleviate emotional difficulties and feelings of stress. Women are far less physically driven than men, and as result, the Yoni massage sometimes achieves some quite staggering results. Some women can become so emotional that they cry or are otherwise emotionally moved by the results of their massage. It is important to prepare yourself for a truly spiritual and emotional awakening during your session. This is dependent upon the masseuse being talented of course, and we are certain that you will find such a person here at Massage Guide to İstanbul.

Arguably the best way to understand a Yoni massage is to book one. So go ahead!
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