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Petite Escorts

For all of you that love a cute little beauty, our escort agency has a complete selection of extremely hot petite escorts in İstanbul.

Here you can choose your perfect companion, our lovely girls will make you adore them. If you like a sensual, sweet and graceful girl you are in the right place. They say that good things in life come in small packages... Meeting one of our petite escorts will prove how true that is...

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Our Petite Escorts

By İstanbul Escorts Vip Escort Girls Models İstanbul Escorts Agency

İstanbul Escorts Vip Escort Girls Models agency have many petite Escorts İstanbul based. A lot of men prefer spending time with a Petite Escort as they like to feel like the man and the protector. This is particularly true if a man prefers to be more dominant as a short woman automatically may seem more harmless than a taller woman. Some of our sexy Petite Girls include: Luisa, Rebecca, Minaj, Fernanda, Chloe and Delizia. Luisa is 5ft 4, Sunny is 5ft 3 and Delizia is one of our more Petite Escorts at just 5ft 1in. All of these girls look sexy as they have sexy curves to match their stunning figures. Delizia is a stunning Escort with large FF cup breasts on her slight frame.
If you’re a shorter man looking for the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) you may prefer booking a Petite Girl so that you’re taller than her if you’re going on dates out together. Having a Petite girl is perfect for you if you’re a shorter gentleman as many some more adventurous sexual positions can be harder to achieve if you’re both different heights. İstanbul Escorts Vip Escort Girls Models agency asked Delizia for her experience of double penetration with a client she’s met:
Delizia: ‘I love double penetration escort service and I enjoy my clients either meeting me as two men or using a vibrator inside my pussy whilst they fuck my ass. This client wanted a shorter meeting of an hour so when he arrived at my apartment I had my vibrator ready on the side as asked for and I was dressed in sexy lingerie when I met him at the door. He was a shorter man about the same height as me in my heels, I find shorter men can be better lovers as they have to get a lot closer when fucking me.
We spent some time kissing before I undressed him and then removed my bra so he could kiss my large busty chest. Men love my breasts as they are so large and they love to spend a lot of time feeling them. I had lube ready and spent some time giving him a hand job with lube on before I laid down on my bed and lay there ready to use my vibrator I spent time using this when he was watching and then I sat on my vibrator asking him to push his cock into my mouth so I could suck his dick for a while.
He then pushed me away and sat behind me, he put lots of lube on his cock and told me he was going to fuck me really hard and to make sure I keep my vibrator turned up high. I was very wet and couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my asshole. He pushed his cock in hard and was quite rough grabbing my hair at the same time, his cock was quite big so it initially hurt but as soon as it was in I wanted it more, he fucked me really hard, calling me names as he fucked me.
I orgasmed really quickly as it felt so dirty but very hot. When he cum he had time to clean up and kiss me goodbye before leaving, he said he will be booking me every so often when he gets the chance and when he wants a good hard fuck. I loved how he was so honest about what he wanted and that he loved being in control.’
This was our stunning Blonde Escort Delizia talking about her experiences of being with a male client. If you’re looking for some intimate anal moments why not book her today or have a look through İstanbul Escorts Vip Escort Girls Models Agencies other sexy Girls up for a good time.

Petite Escorts Are you so into cute and petite girls? Are you dreaming of cuddling with on of them in your cold room? If you fancy rare type of women, we have a broad range of petite escorts at İstanbul escort agency. They are just waiting for your call, and they will be happy to spend a night with you.

In our agency, we only recruit girls with pleasing personality, beautiful body, well mannered, physically and emotionally healthy. They have undergone a strict screening and training. But most of them are naturally graceful and sophisticated, so providing exceptional service to their client is easy for they also enjoy what they are doing.
We have a collection of slim and beautiful petite escorts who can make your fantasy of a schoolgirl come true. With their youthful look, super firm body and natural curves, they are the perfect companion for parties, travel and a company for a delightful evening. These petite escorts have different hobbies, likes and expertise, so you can choose which one will match your personality. You can ask them to visit you at your hotel room or in your home and make your sexual fantasies of a petite girl come to live.

Our petite models may deceive you, by their youthful face, but actually, all our escorts are all above 18 years old. They are all the full grown woman that is gifted to possess a younger look. They dressed nicely and fashionably which is fitted to their looks. They are good conversationalists, and they are they best comfort and listener if you want to open up with them. We assure you that your experiences with our ladies, are not thoroughly and intentionally for one night stand only, but we want our customers to feel the real warmth from our escorts and genuine compassion to lonely gentlemen. They are great at parties too, for they will surely light up the parties. They are also suitable for any events and meetings. They dressed seductively and when in high-end meetings and socialites gathering, they knew what is to wear on such occasion. When you are walking with a petite escort by your side, you will the most envied man in the room.

Take a look at our gallery and you will be captivated by the collection of doll-like petite escorts. Imagine what it feels like to cuddle a small bundle of skin and natural curves? The experience being in the arms of a beautiful petite companion will surely make your imagination run wild. Satisfy it and make the most of your time. She is all yours.

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