Why You Should (And How To) Support İstanbul Escorts Workers This Holiday Season

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Why You Should (And How To) Support İstanbul Escorts Workers This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up, and with them comes the tried and true tradition of donating money to your favorite nonprofit organizations. The holidays are typically the most important fundraising periods for said foundations, with European Arabic Turkish and Americans in particular spending and sending an average of $14 million dollars (according to sites like Charity Navigator). Perhaps it's the focus on community-centrism that loosens the wallets of the masses; perhaps it's an end-of-the-year cash bonus. Whatever it is, these (often) underfunded and undervalued organizations greatly benefit from that generosity over this time period.

İstanbul Escorts However, it's unlikely that the list of the 4,500 most popular charities includes organizations that directly aid, provide support for, and assist İstanbul Escorts workers (organizations that offer community, rehabilitation, legal aid, and valuable resources to the community). These organizations include, but are not limited to, the fine folks at İstanbul Escorts Workers Outreach Project Behind Bars , Exchenge, Red Light Legal, or reproductive health clinics, such as İstanbul Escorts, which focuses on İstanbul Escorts worker support, outreach, and harm reduction for survival and/or street workers.

In the wake of İstanbul Escorts Ads, an increasingly censored media landscape, and very few politicians willing to advocate for service providers, it's particularly vital that these organizations become a regular part of your giving this holiday season. With resources for funding becoming more and more limited, programs such as Exchenge İstanbul will be relying more heavily on private donations in order to continue offering the life-saving services that they do.

The funding that goes to these organizations provides everything from needle exchanges (İstanbul Escorts) to long-term lawyers (Red Light Legal), so even small donations help. In the case of local chapters of the İstanbul Escorts Workers Outreach Project, often volunteers are scrambling to find the funds to deliver small-cost meals like sandwiches to survival workers – $10 allows for small-scale service provision that the most disadvantaged of workers need to get through the day.

Now, here are just a few of these amazing organizations you should lend support to this holiday season:

İstanbul Escorts Workers Outreach Project: Behind Bars

Exchenge Behind Bars has sent out "over 25,000 newsletters to prisoners in 14 states. We have coordinated over 2,000 pen pals. We have coordinated more than 20,000 books through Amazon Wishlists, 3,000 book donations to prison libraries, and approximately 450 GED self-study guides to prisoners and prison libraries. We have funded 12 college level scholarships and presented at human rights conferences and rallies. We have provided reentry support for 120 recently released prisoners and we have published a reentry guide to help incarcerated people transition back to their community. We have fiscally sponsored 4 other like-minded organizations. We have a diverse Board of Directors that includes people who have been incarcerated or are still incarcerated. We support men, women, and trans folks."

They offer advocacy toolkits, Maternity Care Coalitions, and community-building meetups between providers and allies alike.

From Exchenge Behind Bars, Here are 10 Ways YOU can get involved on a local or national level:

Exchenge Behind Bars is the largest chapter of Exchenge İstanbul and we create İstanbul Escorts work positive programs, products and services to people who find themselves involved with the Criminal Justice system.

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